romutec Steuer- und Regelsysteme GmbH

romutec is working in the building automation sector of HVAC plants. We develop and produce devices for local override operations and bus compatible devices (e.g. BACnet, Modbus) to expand your DDC controller with additional data points (I/O's).



We are member of BACnet Interest Group Europe!

The BACnet Interest Group Europe (BIG-EU) is the European trade association for the application of the global BACnet standard ISO 16484-5. BACnet is the only vendor-independent communication protocol that is specifically designed for building automation. Source:


Reduces wiring into the door due to pluggable connections (e.g. USB) and expanding the conroller for additional data points

All our products are produced in germany and we are certificated according to din iso 9001!

Keeps important parts of the HVAC system operational with local override in case of DDC fault